Tillmann Forensic Investigations is a Forensic Investigative and Consulting Service, owned and operated by Steven A. Tillmann, C.L.P.E.
(Certified Latent Print Examiner)
Fingerprint Expert

Tillmann Forensic Investigations is available for:

AFIS-Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems for Law Enforcement Agencies
Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement Agencies
Notary Investigation/Thumbprint Verification
Forensic Photography
Criminal Cases
Civil Cases
Private Investigation
Crime Scene Investigation

Fingerprint services include consulting on fingerprint and fingerprint identification matters, examining items for fingerprints, fingerprint analysis, comparison of known and unknown impressions, verifying fingerprint identifications and expert fingerprint testimony. Input and identification of latent prints in AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identifications Systems) for local Law Enforcement Agencies. Assistance with backlogged casework.