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Tillmann Forensic Investigations is owned and operated by Steven A. Tillmann, and was established in April of 2012. Steve has over 32 years experience in Law Enforcement as a Deputy Sheriff and Crime Scene Investigator. Steve retired from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department in March of 2012 and for 18 years he worked in Forensics as Crime Scene Investigator and Fingerprint Expert/Examiner for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Scientific Services Bureau, Crime Lab. Prior to working at the Crime Lab, Steve worked as a Deputy in Patrol, working numerous assignments including Station Traffic Investigator, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement and various assignments in Custody Division.

Steve has testified as a Fingerprint Expert in all aspects of fingerprints, and as an Expert Witness on Crime Scenes and Crime Scene Photography. He has testified in Los Angeles County Municipal and Superior Court, Federal Court, Riverside County Superior Court and for the Los Angeles County Grand Jury. He is listed on the Los Angeles County Superior Court Expert Witness List. 

Fingerprint Consultant

Steve is a Certified Latent Print Examiner, certified thru the International Association of Identification, (IAI).